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Washington, DC, March 20, 2018 –(– LinkedIn Profile Writing & Executive Resume Writing Services is excited to announce its sixth anniversary. Since its founding in 2012, the service has helped thousands of clients. The company offers a range of services including resume and cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn company page writing while delivering personalized service with no writing mill mentality. They pride themselves on “consult with the owner – work with the owner.”

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CKR_Interactive“Carla Deter, in a blog titled “Have you HUGGED your professional brand lately?” suggests placing a notepad in your desk drawer and pulling it out every time you recall or complete a huge project. She also calls online branding “your digital tattoo.” As you complete the inventory, think about how you’ll use social media tools like LinkedIn to promote your personal brand to your professional network.”

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Bringham_Young_UniversityAccording to LinkedIn profile writer Carla Deter, was the third largest group on all of LinkedIn in April 2014. It had more than 1 million group members by the end of the year.”

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LinkedIn_Pulse.PNG The 10 Largest Groups On LinkedIn [Updated 12/2017] 12,461 article views

At the time of this article, there are 1,789,898 LinkedIn groups. Now, that’s a lot of groups. How do you find the group you are looking for? Here are the 10 largest groups on LinkedIn as of 12/4/2017

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Huffington_Post Have you HUGGED your professional brand lately? 10 Must-Do’s!

The new year is almost here and with it, a chance to have the best of your career. Whether you’re self-employed or work for a small or large company, that will mean building and strengthen your professional brand.

10 Professional/Personal Branding Must-Do’s: The jury is NOT still out— LinkedIn is the bottom-line impact for your professional

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Bangalore_Mirror5 ways to get started & connect on LinkedIn By Carla Deter

1. Create A Complete Profile
Having a sparse profile does not interest those who view it. Build it out with details of work experiences/projects etc. Also, a profile with a number of keywords to your industry will increase the views. Update your headline with keywords about you do (consultant, technology, sales). Fill in the summary section using the third person. Add ‘open to new opportunities’ at the top of the summary. Use all 50 skills available under the skill section.

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Resources (Individuals):
• Forbes magazine: How to update your LinkedIn profile for 2017
• Forbes magazine: The six worst LinkedIn headlines
• Forbes magazine: 6 Career resolutions you need to make in 2017
• LinkedIn Pulse, Carla Deter Does your LinkedIn profile need some holiday TLC?

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CARLA DETER LinkedIn Profiles | Resumes | HuffPost Contributor | Bios | Job Search Materials

Hello, thank you for the RFP. I’m interested in learning more about your goal(s). Let’s see if we’re a match. I understand you are seeking assistance with a dynamic supply chain resume. We certainly have experience in that area and would be glad to provide an example. [Repeating their goal so they know I understand somewhat before the consult call happens where more clarity of goal happens]. We may very well be a good fit. Let’s chat. Do you have availability in the next day or so? [Call to Action]

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Texas_Weekly_OnlineUnlock 18 questions to reveal your professional worth in 2017

It’s almost 2017 and I’m giving this away to you for free. I feel like I’m giving away a ‘secret’ but truly it is a ‘gift.’ Yes, it’s the questions I ask all of my clients that truly reveals…

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Online_PR_MediaHuggable People relaunched on January 21, 2014, in honor of the official National Hug Day as an idea to share the stories of people who make a difference by their difference.

Online PR News – 16-February-2014 – Washington, DC – Huggable People relaunched on January 21, 2014, in honor of the official National Hug Day as an idea to share the stories of people who make a difference by their difference. Huggable People, founded by Shashi Bellamkonda will recognize, honor and celebrate ‘huggables’ each month for providing extraordinary service in their communities and abroad.

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Wattowatch_News [VIDEO] As I’m sure you know many people are either having a love or hate relationship with the new LinkedIn User Interface.

You CAN go back to the old interface (if you want) but it may be temporary. It’s about changing the browser and the belief that an unsupported browser exists. So, here’s your chance to prolong the inevitable.

Watch the video for a full view of the steps below!

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