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Who are we?

Located in Washington, D.C., our goal is to make you and your profile/resume visible to job recruiters and sales prospects on a 24/7 basis. 

LinkedIn Profiles & Executive Resume writing service provides professional branding writing and consultancy with a specialty in LinkedIn profile and company page writing, resume writing, cover and thank you letters as well as resume and profile audit and review via hour-long consultation calls. Our profiles and resumes are carefully ‘hand-crafted’ to have the strongest possible appeal to potential employers, to spotlight your personal & professional brand and more. Although we have a team who performs administrative tasks our owner/SH-EO ‘handcrafts’ all writing projects. Our philosophy is ‘consult with the owner – work with the owner.’ 

Who are our clients?

We provide services to everyone from newly-qualified individuals looking to start promising careers to those wanting a change of career, and individuals taking a step up in their careers and to those who realize it’s time to brand themselves online. A blank online page of you isn’t the best professional you.

Read just a few testimonials from our satisfied clients…we have 100’s and are working to update our site daily.

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We write for all levels of professions & industries: Small Business ► Entrepreneurs ► Consultants ► Speakers ► Job Seekers ► Experts ► PhDs ► C-Suite ► Executives   ► Recruiters ► Human Resources ► Sales Professionals & MORE!

Business Consulting | Executives | Finance | Government | Healthcare | Human Resources | IT | Legal Services | Military | Media | Nonprofit | Oil & Energy | Pharma | Authors & Writers | Professional Services Real Estate | Recruiting | Religion | Retail | Sales & Marketing | Sports | Supply Chain & MORE!

What is our objective? To help our clients prepare winning professional LinkedIn profiles/resumes and company pages. To maintain the highest standards of service and to strive for total 100% client satisfaction. We want to know as much about your career history as possible – your input is paramount. We know that you know your top achievements, skill-sets and absolute experiences and accomplishments that will stand out from the rest. This is why we don’t just take your resume and get to work.  We provide you a customized questionnaire – tailored just to your goal. No canned questionnaire that many writing companies use. Several on our team including our owner have published articles in top leading publications, such as; Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, The Consultant Network and more. We have multiple years of combined experience with an emphasis on continuous learning to keep abreast of the latest changes to online platforms related to job search, sales, and personal branding.

1percent-googlemybusinessHow Will an Optimized LinkedIn Profile coupled with Resume Reformation Help You? 

Did you know the headline area of your LinkedIn profile holds 120 characters? The #1 area to keyword optimize to get found!  Very important! We get it right.

(Optimized LinkedIn Headlines Below)


We are not too proud but we are certain of our abilities. We’ve studied LinkedIn, we’ve listened in on webinars from top industry experts and we’ve acquired and studied closely #1 Best Sellers books on the topic of LinkedIn Profile Optimization. We didn’t stop there! We (well, the owner) has made a point since the start of her business to connect with the most ‘well known’ experts on LinkedIn – on LinkedIn. This provided an opportunity to study their work, study their habits and glean knowledge that she then meticulously apply’s to every LinkedIn profile writing project.

Our owner is shown as #4 out of 2000+ similar professionals
Resume Reformation & LinkedIn Profile Optimization is a Winning Combination!

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Have questions? We typically respond within 24 hours. Contact us at carla@LinkedInPro.co

🙂  We are not website designers (we’re writers and it’s what we love to do!) Pardon our not so perfect website.

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