Our Terms of service

Welcome to LinkedIn Profile and Resume Writing Services. We have outlined our terms of service below to provide a clear understanding of working with us. You understand that by making a purchase, you agree to be bound by these terms. If you are purchasing on behalf of a business and have full authority to do so any reference to ‘you’ is also considered to be on behalf of the entity you are representing.

By submitting your information to us you agree to the following: You understand that we do not have a relationship, affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement by LinkedIn Corporation. You agree that by purchasing our services, you are agreeing to initiate and actively participate in the writing process. This process will require you to complete a questionnaire as well as responding to questions via email during the review and work-in-progress phase within three business days. You will need to provide us with detailed information about your experience and goals. You understand and agree that the successful completion of your project is dependent upon your active submission of your career information and/or business objectives as well as responding to question requests via email.


If you don’t receive two times more job interviews within 60 days of the end of your 30-day Access Time, we will revise your resume and/or profile once, free-of-charge. This applies to our Silver or Gold Option. You must contact us, via email within 61 – 120 days from the date of purchase for the free, one revision. We want you to succeed but in order to balance other client obligations, we require the request before the 120 days to be eligible for the revision.

  • Return of the Questionnaire

We require the return of the questionnaire. Without it, we do not have enough goal information and other information relayed directly from you to complete your project (s).  We need your input outside of just providing your most current version of your resume. We expect clients to allocate time to review the questionnaire, answer the questions as applicable and potentially answer additional questions from the writer. If after 30 calendar days from the date of purchase and we have not received the completed questionnaire back we cannot give a refund due to non-return of the questionnaire. Even if the writing portion of your project was not started, your order was processed, scheduled and reviewed by a person who requires compensation for their time. We will always send ‘reminder’ emails for return of the questionnaire but the final responsibility lies with you.

  • Format/Style of Resume/LinkedIn Profile/Cover Letter/LinkedIn Company Page

Our website samples represent the format/style of our development as final products. All writing companies deliver varying formats. Our samples are customary formatting for the work we provide. We are more than happy to provide revisions (3) to areas of content during the client review and feedback stage but we cannot do a complete re-do of the resume/profile following our delivery of the draft or final product.  The work-up has already been given much time and effort. Requests for a variance of format outside our representative samples after delivering the initial draft work will require additional fees (for example, we provide a resume in a chronological format and upon receiving the draft or final you decide you would like a functional style format).  This requires a complete workup of your resume from its original state.  We are glad to provide an additional writing service with a fee to create a product in a completely different format.

We only accept documents in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format. Microsoft Office 365 (Word) products can be found here and it offers free access for one month. All revisions (3) to our draft documents sent to us for editing must be in Microsoft Word format. We cannot accept other forms of documents (Google Docs, Apple Pages or scanned images of your documents). We are unable to view images clearly and would cause for our complete rewrite of all of your materials in order to complete your final documents. This is a time-consuming task. We pride the business on being writers of content opposed to data entry writers. Therefore, we require your most current resume and any supporting documents, again in Adobe PDF or MS Word format.

If you decide we are the best fit for the development of your materials and can only provide your resume and other supporting documents outside our required formats as stated above – we are glad to move forward with your project (s) for an additional fee. The fee will be proposed once we review the condition/format of the materials you submit. Once the additional fee is paid to rewrite ‘image’ documents or convert and clean up documents outside our required formats our work together can then begin.

  • Our Response Time

We make all reasonable efforts to provide your resume draft or profile within an average of 8-10 business days. Some projects are finished sooner while others may take extra days. Many times we are sent 3, 4, 5 versions of resumes from clients.  We review each of these versions line by line in order to determine the variances (what is included on one opposed to the other?) – this takes time and helps us build your foundation resume and/or LinkedIn profile according to the goal(s) identified from our phone call, email messages and the returned questionnaire. Often times, we are also requested to do extra research to understand specific positions or clarity to the clients’ current role. We truly are thorough and want to produce a winning document for you.

  • Our Promised Turnaround Time Following Our Phone Consult or Other Forms of Communication

If you decide to work with us it is suggested to make purchase within 48 hours following our phone consult or other forms of communication (email, LinkedIn message etc.) in order to lock-in our promised turnaround time to you. New writing projects are accepted daily – executed agreements & received payments are given priority in regards to promised deadlines. This may set back the deadline promised to you if a purchase had not been made prior to onboarding new clients.

  • We Do Offer Rush Services

If you require a rush order please reach out before making a purchase to info@LinkedInPro.CO We need to verify availability for a rush project based on other client needs.

  • Cancellation and Refund Terms

We begin reviewing, researching and preparing your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter and/or company page within 24 hours from receipt of payment. Within 24 hours you may choose to cancel your order.  We do begin work immediately so in the event of a cancel – we require the request be made within 24 hours of purchase for a refund. No refund will be provided after 30 calendar days from the date of purchase (for cancel reason or non-return of the questionnaire). We must account for and pay our admin. staff for their time for administrative tasks related to your project (s).

If after 30 days (for non-return of the questionnaire or the lack of answering additional questions from your writer in order to develop winning materials) and on a case by case basis, we can resume your project for a *35% reactivation fee of your total order amount to bring your project back to active status and allow for time to continue with your project (s) between other client commitments. However, after 30 days and when the reactivation fee is paid to make your project(s) active again – we have already accepted new clients and have made promised deadlines.  Therefore, after the 30 days, we cannot expedite your materials to completion.

After 40 days the initial payment is forfeited and reactivation is null and void; whereas, we would need to begin our working relationship from scratch.

Fees or cancellation penalties are required because of the time it takes to get your project queued, reviewed, scheduled and the time lost could have been used to work on another project.


At times we may agree at the onset of a working together (via phone consult, by email, LinkedIn message, etc.) to extend the return of the questionnaire past the 30 days stated above (this also includes extends your Allotted Time with your writer); however, this extension is granted for a period of four (4) months following payment of services. If you are unable to complete the questionnaire and do not correspond with us within a four-month period no refund is due. We would then need to begin our working relationship from scratch. Again, this is because we have already accepted new clients and have made promised deadlines. Deadlines that are application deadline and/or interview-driven (with deadlines) and are already set for our current clients. We must meet those promised deadlines.

  • Allotted Time For Writing Service With Your Writer

You are purchasing a specific period of time with your writer assigned to your project. We provide 30 days of Allotted Time with you and the writer assigned to you. It is your responsibility to provide all the required information for us to work on your project within the Allotted Time. Your ability to correspond with your writer, including revisions, expires at the end of your Allotted Time. No work on your project will occur after the Allotted Time unless you pay a separate, additional fee to restart time with your writer. We require a 35% additional fee of your total order amount before we will start work on your project.

  • Use of Materials

You hereby grant LinkedIn Profile and Resume Writing Services the lifetime, worldwide and royalty-free right to use an image of your LinkedIn Profile webpage, LinkedIn Company webpage, resume, biography (including your name, photo or likeness) taken from LinkedIn.com or any other information you provide to us solely for promoting the services of LinkedIn Profile and Resume Writing Services in digital, print and any other marketing, promotions or paid products or services. The Company owns all rights in any form, media or technology incorporating the Materials. Upon your payment of fees, the Company grants you an express, non-exclusive, nonassignable, and nonsublicensable right and license under the Company’s intellectual property to use any materials drafted by the Company specifically for you. This license is limited to personal and non-commercial uses by you. We may use all comments, feedback and ratings about our services, whether provided by you or any other person, for marketing or promotional or any other purposes. This may include the use of any information that is otherwise publicly available to LinkedIn users, including your name.

  • Our Gift Card Service

Gift cards expire two years after the date of purchase. We do need to charge a 10% monthly inactivity fee for unused gift cards after 12 months from the date of original purchase of the gift card. For example, if a gift card is purchased for $500 and it has been 24 months since the date the gift card was purchased it is no longer valid and has a $0 balance. We incur fees during the time the gift card is active.

  • Our Paid Discovery Call Offer

The 15-20 minute paid Discovery Call is an opportunity for us to learn about your goal(s) for your resume, profile or other professional branding materials you may be interested in working with us to develop. During this call, we will give you concrete tips to improve your resume and/or profile. Suggestions you can implement right away. The Discovery Call payment of $25 is non-refundable either for a completed call or a cancelled call by you. However, if you decide to purchase a single resume, profile or one of our packages at a later time we will deduct the Discovery Call payment from the total pricing of the service. Paid Discovery Call offer is for someone who has not used our service before. Subject to change at owners discretion.

  • No Guaranty

We are not an employment agency or recruiting firm and cannot make any guarantee regarding the effectiveness of our services in meeting your employment or business objectives. Meaning a guarantee that our services will result in your being hired is not possible nor the decision of an employer, respectfully.

  • Chargebacks

If you have a dispute regarding a transaction with the Company you should contact the Company directly to attempt to resolve the dispute. If you dispute a transaction with the Company through your bank or financial institution that may lead to that payment transaction being reversed or returned, otherwise known as a “Chargeback” we are assessed a fee for this Chargeback. For example, PayPal would charge the Company $20 – $30 for each Chargeback, plus PayPal will retain the original transaction fee that the Company (Us) pays on your behalf when you made the original purchase from the Company. You agree that you will also be responsible for any Chargebacks and any fees, fines, or penalties assessed to the Company or to you by any credit card, payment network or financial institution as a consequence of you initiating a Chargeback. You agree that we may collect reasonable fees (including attorney’s fees) arising out of, or related to, our efforts to collect fees or other amounts from you including but not limited to debiting your bank, credit card or another financial account. You agree that if you initiate a Chargeback with the Company you will be assessed a minimum of a $30 fee for the considerable administrative time and fees incurred by the Company to litigate the Chargeback with your and our financial institutions.

Product/Service pricing subject to change without notice unless purchase has already been made either through the website or direct invoicing.

Governing Law; Exclusive Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by the laws of Virginia without regard to its conflict of law provisions that would give rise to the substantive law of another jurisdiction. Any disputes arising under or related in any way to these Terms, the Site, or any services shall be resolved exclusively through in the state or federal courts located in Virginia (specifically, Fairfax County, Virginia). By accessing the Site or using the service, you consent to the personal and subject matter jurisdiction of such courts for such purposes.


The new law in the European Union (EU) strengthens data privacy for consumers. Beginning May 25, 2018, the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) gives EU customers more control over how their personal data is handled. In the spirit of, and in compliance with, GDPR, we want you to know what personal data we collect, and what we do — and don’t do — with it.

What kind of data we collect and what we do with it?

LinkedIn Profiles Writing Service & Executive Resume Writing Service are only interested in data that help us create and deliver winning resume and LinkedIn profiles. To do this, we need: name and contact information, employment history, educational history, positions of interest, goals, and focus, payment information to complete the transaction (we do not ask directly as our payment system is electronic and does not allow us access to your credit/debit or banking number information).

What we don’t do with your data?

We have never and will never sell your information to marketers or third party sellers.

We look forward to working with you to create a winning profile, resume, cover letter, company page, etc. and wish you great success! Have questions? We typically respond within 24-48 hours. Contact us at info@LinkedInPro.CO

These Terms were last revised on 08/02/18

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