Our Terms of service

By submitting your information to us you agree to the following: You understand that we do not have a relationship, affiliation, sponsorship or endorsement by LinkedIn Corporation. You agree that by purchasing our services, you are agreeing to initiate and actively participate in the writing process. This process will require you to complete a questionnaire as well as responding to questions during the review and work-in-progress drafts. You will need to provide your writer with detailed information about your experience and goals. You understand and agree that the successful completion of your project is dependent upon your active submission of your career information and/or business objectives as well as responding to question requests via email.

  • Cancellation and Refund Terms:

We begin reviewing, researching and preparing your resume, and/or LinkedIn profile and cover letter within 24 hours from receipt of your resume and payment. Within 24 hours and if we have not started working on your project, you may choose to cancel your order for a full refund. So long as we have not started working on your project we will provide a refund less a 40% administrative fee from 24 hours to day 3.  We do begin work immediately so in the event of a cancel – we suggest the request be made within 24 hours of purchase. No refund will be provided after 30 calendar days from the date of purchase (for cancel reason or non-return of the questionnaire). We must account for and pay our Admin. staff and the time for administrative tasks related to your project (s).

*The administrative fee noted above and below is due because work is deemed to have started after we receive your resume and payment. From the moment we consult with you, begin trading emails, LinkedIn messages, text messages etc. – work has been initiated. We have put time into your project. If you have sent ‘jobs of interest links’ we have already reviewed that material as well and have performed the time for this. If after 30 days (for cancel and non-return of the questionnaire) and on a case, by case basis, we can resume your project for a *40% reactivation fee to bring your project back to active status and allow for time to continue with your project (s) between other clients commitments. However, after 30 days and the administrative fee is paid to make your project(s) active again – we have already accepted new clients and have made promised deadlines.  Therefore, after the 30 days, we cannot expedite your materials to completion.

  • Return of the Questionnaire

After 60 days the initial payment is forfeited and reactivation is null and void; whereas, we would need to begin our working relationship from scratch.  Fees or cancellation penalties are required because of the human administrative work required to get your project queued, reviewed, scheduled and time lost could have been used to work on another project during the time slot reserved for your project. Even if the writing portion of your project was not started, your order was processed, scheduled and reviewed by a person who requires compensation for their time. We are not responsible for technology issues at your end, our end or in between that impair the delivery of information to us.

  • Format/Style of Resume/LinkedIn Profile

Our website samples represent the format/style of our resume and LinkedIn profile development as final products. All writing companies deliver varying formats. Our samples are customary formatting for the work we provide. We are more than happy to provide revisions to areas of content during the client review and feedback stage but we cannot do a complete re-do of the resume/profile following our delivering of the draft. The draft has already been given much time and effort. Requests for a variance of format outside our representative samples after delivering the initial draft work will require additional fees.

You acknowledge and agree that all content including but not limited to logos, images, video, and text you send to us do not infringe upon any copyrights, trademarks or other proprietary rights. You are solely responsible for any negative impact of using content that violates any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights.

**We are not an employment agency or recruiting firm and cannot make any guarantee regarding the effectiveness of our services in meeting your employment or business objectives. Meaning a guarantee that our services will result in your being hired is not possible nor the decision of an employer, respectfully.

We look forward to working with you to create a winning profile, resume, cover letter, company page etc. and wish you great success! Have questions? We typically respond within 24 hours. Contact us at: info@LinkedInPro.co