Coming Soon! DIY Low Cost Branding Materials – Your Resume, LinkedIn Profile & More (Digital Delivery) only!

Hi, my name is Carla and I’m the founder of LinkedIn Profiles & Resume Writing Service. A profile and resume writing company focused on solutions to helping you learn and understand how paramount your LinkedIn profile and resume are to your job search.

If you have ever felt totally frustrated about not knowing what information to add to your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter and more and how it all works together to land your next job then I can relate because just a short 10 years ago I was dealing with the same concerns.

I want to help you prepare your professional career documents on your own. For this reason, and due to the struggles so many are facing right now I’m working to provide you low-cost digital delivery DIY products. Each of these products will have a specific goal and outcome in mind to help you prepare for your job search or career transition.

Below you will see a listing of the product titles. Notice the title does tell what you get upon purchase but keep in mind you will also receive several bonus items to go along with your choice of a product(s).

I want to help you succeed and want to give you as much of the knowledge I’ve acquired over the years to help you get ‘your foot in the door’ for your next position. Further, the products will also give those seeking to refresh (update) their resume or LinkedIn profile or cover/thank you letters. Keeping your materials current to your responsibilities and value added tasks is key to being ready in the event you find yourself looking for the next level of your career.

My goal is to complete the development and launch of these digital products so you can have a great start to Year 2022 and beyond with a more affordable option than our high-touch services.

Each of the digital products Below may range between $27 – $199 (single or as a bundle).

We are working to help you succeed in your job search by offering lowest cost products that give you descriptive step by step as to how to make your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter etc. be seen ahead of the rest. Our gift to you during these continuing times of an uncertain job market. We got you!

Digital products may include one or each of the following:


Ok, here you go! The complete list.

► TEMPLATE w/ INSTRUCTION GUIDE & EXAMPLES: DIY LinkedIn Profile for Job Seekers
► TEMPLATE w/ INSTRUCTION GUIDE & EXAMPLES: DIY LinkedIn Profile for Sales Leads
► TIP SHEET w/ EXAMPLES: Must do LinkedIn Tips for Your About Section
► EBOOK: Your Resume – How to Get a Recruiters Attention
► BUNDLE MATERIALS: Make Your Resume, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile Work Together
► BULLET STARTERS: Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile (Various Industries)
► ENTIRE LIBRARY- Blog Articles AND All of the Above.

…..and more (various one – two page Word and PDF’s
► DIY Your LinkedIn Profile for Job Seekers Over a Weekend
► Resume Practice Ready for You
► Essential Resume Tips
► Resume Writing Guide
► How to Write a Resume
► Job Seeker Resources
► LinkedIn Profile Tips – What You Need to Know
► Must Do LinkedIn Tips for Your About/Summary Section
► Analyze Your LinkedIn Profile
► Resume Sentence Starters
► How to Get the Recruiters Attention
► Create A Hire-Worthy LinkedIn Profile

► Your Perfect Cover Letter
► 4 Opening Lines That Will Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out
► Achieve a Cover Letter that Moves the Reader to Your Resume
Priced as a single product or as a bundled package. Stay tuned while we work and gather the resources to bring these affordable digital products to you and your career success!

Pardon us while we work to redesign our website for 2022. Thank you!

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