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We have helped HUNDREDS of people with their LinkedIn profiles. Look at the LinkedIn profiles below as examples of our work. Please DO NOT just copy what we have done! We know LinkedIn SEO (LSEO) and the placement of content is key to gaining increased profile views, getting noticed by recruiters/companies and sales prospects.







Want to view more examples of LinkedIn profiles? All you need to do is click the IMAGE below while you’re are also logged into your LinkedIn account and you’ll be whisked away to the optimized LinkedIn profile. (Please note sometimes clients make adjustments to their profile post the new content – we are not responsible for changes made that may show spelling, spacing or any awkward changes post our work).

LinkedIn Profile Examples

Technology, Big Data, Analytics, AI, Software Development6FE5260D-A421-4CDF-BB76-B6A79F9FF202

Architect, Entrepreneur, Business Development, Strategist, Trusted Mentor48F58583-586C-4D3D-8BFC-49189A6EBD5A

Finance & Accounting, Financial Planning & Analysis, Controller

Business Operations Executive: Process & Performance, R&D, Supply Chain

CTO: Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Director, ITR_Dakin_LI_Profile-2993647343-1545408801875.jpg

Project Management, Scope & Deliverables, Quality Control, Executive to CEO7157CCD6-D468-4245-9695-A8E49C69F909

SR. National Account Executive, Territory Sales, New Business Development

Communications, Editorial & Digital Content, Graphic Design, Web Development0C0D8C1D-0157-43F0-8C76-5A71C047BD1D

Pharmaceutical Corporate Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Healthcare

Author, Keynote Speaker, STEM Leadership, Board Member, Technology9F0F3FE0-CDC8-435F-9356-E9E58BCF2EDC

Senior Audit & Finance, Compliance, Governance

Pharmaceutical, Global Business, Physical & Life Sciences, Medical Affairs8602B9B6-F523-4A70-88A3-83CF00DC7F10

Attorney, Environmental Law, Oil & Gas, Legal & RegulatoryCA5597F3-7E4C-4AF8-8D44-05C26ED3DC76

Enterprise IT Planning & Development, Infrastructure & Operations, Solution Architecture DA09E782-C310-4A74-A559-3E71565A83DF

Sr. Java/Hadoop & Spark Developer: Software 

Clinical Social Worker, LMSW, ACSW, CWC, C-ASWCMC9F6D4DF-A613-4C4F-B1BE-9EDFF607958E


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We are not too proud but we are certain of our abilities. We’ve studied LinkedIn, we’ve listened in on webinars from top industry experts and we’ve acquired and studied closely #1 Best Sellers books on the topic of LinkedIn Profile Optimization. We didn’t stop there! We (well, the owner) has made a point since the start of her business to connect with the most ‘well known’ experts on LinkedIn – on LinkedIn. This provided an opportunity to study their work, study their habits and glean knowledge that she then meticulously applies to every LinkedIn profile writing project. Our owner has been honored to receive numerous books for her entrusted ‘review’ by many of the #1 Best Selling Amazon authors on the topic of LinkedIn. 

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Resume Reformation & LinkedIn Profile Optimization is a Winning Combination!


Please Note:

How long does it take? 

An average estimate would be five to eight business days. Some projects are finished sooner while others may take extra days. Many times we are sent 3, 4, 5 versions of resumes from clients.  We review each of these versions line by line in order to determine the variances (aka. what is included on one opposed to the other?) – this takes time and helps us build your foundation resume and/or LinkedIn profile according to the goal(s) identified from our phone call, email messages and the returned questionnaire. Often times, we are also requested to do extra research to understand specific positions or clarity to the clients’ current role. We truly are thorough and want to produce a winning document for you.

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