Job Search Resources


I know it’s a different time right now and know my thoughts are with you.

IF you are actively job searching please don’t give up.

We recently had 5 clients land new leadership roles in the last 14 days.

Three offers came through an interview process that was over the past 4 weeks.

2 of the offers came in over a process that took place over the last 2 weeks.

All through the virus and financial turmoil, great offers surfaced for our clients.  Just know: 

The only people who definitely don’t get hired during a downturn are those that stop looking.

So don’t stop looking.

We are here for you and hope the materials below may help you navigate a job search, increase your LinkedIn understanding and help hone in on your accomplishments thus far in your career.

Accomplishment Builder Ebook

Summary Builder Ebook

Job Search Strategy Planning Ebook

5 Tips for Picking the Right LinkedIn Profile Picture       

12 Guiding Principles for Increasing Company Exposure Through Your LinkedIn Professional Profile – Checklist

5 Best Practices to Get Started on LinkedIn and Staying Connecting

BONUS: Action Verbs/Power Words to Include on Resume and LinkedIn Profile

All the Best, Carla 

Carla Deter

Who are we?  Located in Washington, D.C. metro area and most recently downtown Winchester, VA. Our goal is to make you and your profile/resume visible to job recruiters and sales prospects on a 24/7 basis.

LinkedIn Profiles & Resume Writing Service provides professional branding writing and consultancy with a specialty in LinkedIn profile and company page writing, resume writing, cover and thank you letters as well as resume and profile audit and review via hour-long consultation calls. Our profiles and resumes are carefully ‘hand-crafted’ to have the strongest possible appeal to potential employers, to spotlight your personal & professional brand and more. Although we have a team who performs administrative tasks our philosophy is ‘consult with the owner – work with the owner.’