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What makes LinkedIn Profile & Resume Writing Services LLC different than other resume writing companies?

  • FACT: Our owner (Carla) has prided the business on completing all projects personally.
  • TRUE: Unlike some of our competitors, we do not use templates and never ship your work to overseas writers.
  • FACT: We provide your resume as a draft and give you opportunity (up to 3 small revisions), if needed.
  • TRUE: Many companies give you your resume and that’s it – you do not hear from them again.
  • FACT: You are working with a real person. We have a small team but you will not talk to them – a ‘consult with the owner, work with owner” model.
  • TRUE: Most companies use a answering service who then relays your information to your writer. We do not use that way of communication.
  • FACT: Carla has a background of working as a subcontractor writing resumes and LinkedIn profiles for a prominent writing company in Washington, DC.
  • TRUE: Her work for them cannot be adequately displayed as testimonials on her own website but trust us her work as the ‘go to’ writer after hours, weekends, holiday’s has been greatly acknowledged on the website of the company in which she worked. Sorry, can’t disclose here. That company is now a competitor.
  • FACT: We have worked with numerous C-Suite clients who under the most strict confidentiality have moved on to Board positions, high level CEO/COO positions and leading multi-international firms that are profoundly known world-wide.
  • TRUE: Our services on the website are not fully indictive of all the work we do for such clients. We want to provide a service to all levels of professions and strive to do so.

I have seen resume writing services charging in the $75-$100 range. Do you have something like that? 

Resume writing is labor intensive. We have a getting started process (the questionnaire), a thorough review and editing process and spend an average of fifteen to seventeen hours on every project. There is a great deal of strategizing involved in the development of a resume as well as the expertise that we have and that is reflected in the pricing.

We realize you may find much, much less priced providers out there. For example, Top Resume. We do not flinch one moment at the service received for a resume reformation that may cost $75. Our work has been proven and you will NOT find reviews about us such as those found here. Read reviews from others just like you HERE!

Allow us to explain the downfalls of using a resume mill.

  • You are contacted by a resume analyst (salesperson) not a resume writer.
  • Resume mill’s overhead includes Job Boards, Salesman/woman, Project Manager, Editor and then the Resume Writer.
  • The resume writer who holds a key part in your job search gets paid along with all of the others within the mill business. 
  • What quality can you expect when the actual resume writer’s piece of the pie is so small? Hmm…something to think about.

Who are our clients? 

We provide services to everyone from newly-qualified individuals looking to start promising careers to those wanting a change of career, and individuals taking a step up in their careers and to those who realize it takes time to brand themselves online. A blank online page of you isn’t the best professional you.

UPDATE (Year 2023): We are working hard to update our website for the new year. You will see on our site examples spanning various industries and professional levels. We write for all career levels: Mid-career, professionals, early career/new college graduate, C-level executives as well as military transition. As of 1/1/2023 the pricing on our site does not include partnering with C-Level Executives / Presidents & V.P.’s / Directors / Senior Management / Sales Executives / Regional & District Management / IT Management / Lawyers / Business Owners. For this level, please Contact Us for custom quote.

How does your process work? What is the next step?

1) Once you select a package and place an order, you will be asked to complete a Required Questionnaire. The questionnaire has been designed to give us the information needed to create a quality resume. Within the questionnaire, we will also ask for a few ‘positions of interest’ links that is fitting to a new position you are seeking.  We meticulously review the responsibilities within the links to match to your resume or LinkedIn profile – paying specific attention to keywords.

2) Once we receive your completed questionnaire we then start working on your assignment and e-mail you the first draft. You will have the opportunity to request changes, ask questions, and suggest corrections. We incorporate this feedback and send you a revised document.

Because it’s crucial to get the balance right on LinkedIn we specialize in using the right keywords while maintaining a professional presence.

Just one of the advantages of using our writing service is that we know exactly what to include, what not to include and what angle to use in your LinkedIn profile and resume to ensure you’ll get found ahead of your competition.

I need a resume in the next couple of days. Can you help? 

We do offer rush services for an extra fee.  If you require a rush order please reach out before making a purchase to info@LinkedInPro.CO

I already have an existing resume. Does that help? What if I have don’t have a resume at all? 

We can work from scratch. If you have an existing resume, we would like to acquire it as it’s always a great resource as much information is already found there to supplement our questionnaire. When you are completing the questionnaire, you will have the opportunity to paste an existing resume area in the questionnaire. If you do not have an existing resume, we work with you to gather details. 90% of our clients usually have a past resume tucked away somewhere.

I am an existing client (used your services in the past). Now I need an update. How do I proceed? 

RESUME UPDATE (Returning Client): ADD A NEW POSITION TO AN EXISTING RESUME AND PROFILE (Past LinkedIn Profile and Resume Writing Service Clients Only) (Phone consultation not included – e-delivery only) Please email the following items to us at info@LinkedInPro.CO

Career Newbie $100 / Experienced Professional $175 / Senior Leader/C-Suite $250

  • Your most current resume and/or link to your LinkedIn profile
  • The job description (position of interest) you want added
  • Your LinkedIn sign-in email and password (if you want your profile updated)

We will deliver your updated resume and/or notification that your profile has been updated in 4 business days.

What do your clients have to say about your work?

You can read what our clients have said about our work and the impact of our services right here on our website.  Read site testimonials and LinkedIn recommendations (as shown on the owners LinkedIn profile).

Why do I need to complete a questionnaire? 

The questionnaire provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your career and provide us with unique information. Your initial responses to our questionnaire will help us prepare and maintain the focus while we prepare your professional branding materials.

How much do you charge? 

We do not charge on a per page basis nor do we charge by the hour (with the exception of our consult call service). We offer fixed prices that can be viewed Here

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Do you guarantee job offers? 


If you don’t receive two times more job interviews within 60 days of the end of your 30-day Access Time, we will revise your resume and/or profile once, free-of-charge. This applies to our Silver or Gold Option. You must contact us, via email within 61 – 120 days from the date of purchase for the free, one revision. We want you to succeed but in order to balance other client obligations, we require the request before the 120 days to be eligible for the revision.

**We are not an employment agency or recruiting firm and cannot make any guarantee regarding the effectiveness of our services in meeting your employment or business objectives. Meaning a guarantee that our services will result in your being hired is not possible nor the decision of an employer, respectfully.

Should I stick to a one-page resume? 

The length of the resume is determined by the relevance of the content. We use almost a third of the first page in showcasing the most prominent aspects of your career. We have written thousands of two and three-page resumes with great success. As long as the content is relevant and not redundant, going beyond one-page is fine.

What kind of resumes do you write? 

We work with professionals in all industries and at all levels.

Do you have samples I can view before I place the order? 

Yes. You can view some of our examples at https://linkedinpro.co/linkedin-profile-writing-service-washington-dc-executive-resumes_carla_deter/  

What other services do you provide?  

Our prices webpage highlights our most popular services; however, we also offer single cover/thank you letters, LinkedIn profile (summary/headline) only writing, adding a new position to an existing resume or profile (past clients only), career document review (resume, profile, cover letter), biographies, LinkedIn company page writing, phone consultation, and gift card service. Review the prices for our unbundled a-la-carte service.

I want to purchase a resume as a gift for someone else. How does that work?  

We do offer Gift Card Service. A gift that can make a huge difference in someone’s career. We’ve had many clients who have been gifted our services for varying reasons:

  • employment outplacement
  • a college student nearing graduation
  • a colleague who has been wanting to have their professional branding materials completed
  • family member or friend who are seeking a new position
  • retirees who are reentering the job market

Purchase gift card from our dedicated webpage here (linkedinpro.co/gift-card/)

Digital gift cards will be emailed within 24-48 hours and rush orders can be processed by contacting us: info@LinkedInPro.CO

I cannot complete your questionnaire in one attempt. Can I save my work and come back to it later?  

Post-payment you will receive the questionnaire.  You will see in the description the Word format of the questionnaire. We do use WuFoo forms for completion of the questionnaire and we suggest working on the questionnaire from the Word document first and once you have all your answers together you can then transfer the content over to the Wufoo form.  Once you start the Wufoo form submission of the questionnaire – you cannot start and save for later. If this is an issue just contact us at info@LinkedInPro.Co and we can e-mail you the questionnaire in Word format. This will allow you to save your work and complete it at your convenience.

What is a keyword scannable document? 

The keyword scannable resume and cover letter are to be used for those companies that utilize electronic systems (Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS) to scan and store resumes.

Do I need a cover letter? 

Some employers require one, others don’t. A cover letter serves as a great introduction to your resume. We have a bundled package that would allow you to order a resume reformation, LinkedIn profile optimization and a cover letter for a combined price.

I am changing careers; can you help? 

We have worked with many individuals in similar situations. We tailor your resume to meet these goals.  Our questionnaire will give you an opportunity to further define your new goal and give us clarity as to how your background and experience converts to changing careers.

Can I get multiple resumes? 

The purchase of one resume package entitles you to a resume focused on only one “target”. If you wish to order multiple resumes you can certainly request additional resumes. Contact us at info@LinkeInPro.CO with details of your needs and we can create a specially-priced package to best serve your needs.

What if I just have a ‘quick question’ and need a professional to be a sounding board/provide advice about my new job search, career change or to just listen to the challenges I’m facing?

♦ We do offer a QUICK QUESTION option. This is not the same as the ‘phone consultation’ option above. If you need a professional to listen to your thoughts about your next career move, your current career situation or to listen and give advice as to the best way to move forward in regard to your resume or LinkedIn profile then this option is for you. Sometimes a conversation with a neutral person can help sort out your job search or process concerns. If a full resume reformation or LinkedIn profile work up isn’t quite what you need, you can schedule a “quick question” session to discuss solutions for your current challenge(s).

(30 minutes) $75   Schedule here!

(60 minutes) $150 Schedule here!

What if I am not happy? 

We are more than happy to address your concerns. Once you receive the first draft you will have the opportunity to identify sections of the resume you are not happy with (2 rounds of small revisions). We will incorporate your suggestions and concerns and e-mail you a revised resume.

What is the difference between a revision and an update? 

We define a revision as any change suggested within the first thirty days from the date of purchase (as long as the job target is the same). Any changes after this timeframe would be considered an update and would be subject to a fee.

We’re Humbled and Proud to Have Been Mentioned and Quoted Across Various Media Outlets

Have additional questions that we have not answered here?

Just shoot us an email to info@LinkedInPro.CO. We try to get back to you within 48 hours (sometimes less). We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you toward the creation of a winning resume or LinkedIn profile.

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