This is what I know about Social Media Engagement: Do you know this too?

Social Media will not come to you. You will need to go to it. 

Recently, I’ve consulted with a few small business clients who just won’t take the leap to acknowledging my solutions. Clearly, as I conduct an audit of their social media platforms it is a one-sided conversation with themselves (boring and oh so not product). I explain over and over again that posting something on Facebook, tweeting something out on Twitter and simply telling all on LinkedIn about their business is not going to leverage sales.
On a happy note, I was able to turn two of these clients around lately. So, over the next few months as I am engaging with their social media platforms the ‘proof will be in the pudding’. The statistics are out there, the jury is no longer in recess – social media engagement works. Articles are written and the top Social Media Specialists of our time have proved it time and time again. Engage don’t enrage by constantly pushing your own material out there. It’s annoying. People do want to see that you are interacting and acknowledging others. It works – trust me or trust Forbes top social media engagement ‘guru’s’ if you don’t believe me.
Okay, so I’ve ranted on about how important it is to have multiple interactions going on within your social media. It’s not a me-me world on Social. It ultimately is all about you but how can you turn the mentality of you into us?
A simplistic graphic shows how it works. If you get it – you get it – if you don’t please recite the graphic wordage over and over in your head until the cows come home.
I am no way an expert, but this is what I know about social media!

Simple. This is how to engage adn how not to engage. Try it- you'll see what happens. +++

Simple. This is how to engage.