LinkedIn’s 2018 top 20 technology profile skills to increase sales leads and visibility with job recruiters – Must have


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Top Technology Skills of 2018 on LinkedIn


LinkedIn’s release of skill ranking data is critical to ensuring correct skills are shown on your resume and LinkedIn profile.  LinkedIn shares this aggregated data in several different ways (Jobs and In-Demand Skills & Skills Companies Need The Most).  However, the top technology-related (with marketing management as #1) skills are shown below according to 1 – 20 ranking.

  1. LinkedIn Data Reveals the Most Promising Jobs and In-Demand Skills of 2018
  2. The Skills Companies Need Most in 2018

Top Technology Skills of 2018 on LinkedIn


The soft skills companies need most

Soft skills certainly take no back burner placement to the hard skills shown above. Having communication and trust skills are just as relevant as the actual hard skill performed.


LinkedIn Workforce Report | Washington, D.C. | January 2018

And to wrap this up LinkedIn recently released their LinkedIn Workforce Report for Washington, DC. Learn and read more about LinkedIn’s Workforce Report for the Washington, DC area January 2018.

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LinkedIn May Pull Critical Data After Friday 3/31/2017 

FULL CREDIT TO By Erik Sherman Contributor, @ErikSherman

LINK to the article on

Be sure to see infographic below as to how to archive your data TODAY!

“One change has been the elimination of the Relationships tab. Data you added to that feature is about to disappear. To avoid problems, you must log in and download the data before it’s removed. The deadline is Friday, March 31.”

LinkedIn posted the following explanation:

We’re always looking for ways to improve the LinkedIn experience for our members. This sometimes means removing features. As part of the new desktop experience, the ability to add Notes, Tags, and Reminders to your connections which is located in the Relationship Section of your profile, is being removed.

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