Questionnaire: LinkedIn Profile, Resume and/or Cover Letter Service

Questionnaire: LinkedIn Profile Service

To read a full list of the upcoming questions below view the Questionnaire. We strongly recommend you write and save the text answers to these questions before starting or as you go through each page of the online questionnaire below. Type your answers into Microsoft Word, Google Docs, notepad or similar software and save the document. Then copy and paste the answers from your document into our online questionnaire below and upload your existing resume. You can NOT pause and save your progress in our online questionnaire, it needs to be completed in one session. We are not liable for inoperability or interruption of your internet service that may cause us to not receive your information.

Before you start the questionnaire, please take a moment to read two short e-books on our Documents web page. The e-books Accomplishment Builder and Summary Builder will help you create the text you will submit in this form. We can best help you when you provide us comprehensive information about your job scope, skills, accomplishments, and goals. Upload your existing/old resume and include any documents, web pages, images or profiles that can help tell your story.