10 Points You Need to Know About Your LinkedIn Profile Today!

Every day you may see and read an article about your LinkedIn profile. Do this, do that, don’t do this. The list goes on…. I won’t waste your time with any fluff-content here. Just straight to it.

10 Points You Need to Know About Your LinkedIn Profile Today!

Here’s the quick & dirty!

Headline, Job Title Lines, Skills & Endorsements

LinkedIn’s algorithms’ index keywords higher within the three sections mentioned above

Best Use of the LinkedIn Summary Section

Speak about your strengths, expertise, competencies and you and your traits (soft skills)

Summary (Desktop vs Mobile)

Three (3) lines of a LinkedIn summary section shows on a desktop/laptop screen before you need to click show more

120-150 characters on mobile show before you need to click show more

Your LinkedIn Headshot/Photo

Gain 26X increased profile views


Use all the 50 skills within the skills/endorsements section. Choose your top 3 to pin/feature.

The Jobs Tab

Career interest section (under the jobs tab) is the best place to let recruiters know you’re willing to relocate for a job

“Easy Apply” for jobs listed on LinkedIn

When using the “Easy Apply” button the hiring manager or recruiter receives:

  1. Your contact info.
  2. PDF of your profile
  3. You can also upload your resume

Moving the Sections Around

You can reorder/move the Skills, Volunteer, Education areas of your profile

Sending a Connection Request

You can (and should) include a personalized message when requesting a connection request. (Max 300 characters)

Job Titles Matter on LinkedIn

Use the max number of characters (100) available on the experiences ‘title line.’  Use keywords related to job responsibilities.

About the Author

Based in the Washington, DC area Carla Deter began her career in corporate communications and marketing. She later moved to HR/job placement services within a firm in Fairfax, VA. where she worked closely with candidates who were seeking to move up the career ladder, transition their careers to other industries or wanted to enhance their overall professional branding. She has written thousands of resumes and LinkedIn profiles for top-level executives and has spent countless hours studying LinkedIn and LSEO (LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization).  She is often requested for a professional study and review by authors/industry experts of Amazon’s #1 Best Seller books on the topic of LinkedIn Profile Optimization. She holds a Mass Communication, Marketing/Public Relations/Promotions bachelor’s degree from Frostburg State University and is currently working on the completion of a Digital Marketing and New Technologies degree from the University of  Phoenix. 

Carla recently received a Nationally Certified Online (LinkedIn) Profile Expert (NCOPE) credential (April 2019) as well as in March of 2019 was chosen by The National Resume Writers Association as an “Ask The Experts” contributor to the nationally known association for her input on key resume development issues and challenges.