Accomplishment Builder - Your Resume - Your Value

An accomplishment is an action which resulted in a measurable and beneficial result. These are the items on your resume that will get you hired.

1. Job Scope

We recommend that each of your positions start with a job scope. This sets the context of how big the world was in which you accomplished your results. We start with an active, past tense verb and list the main 2–3 focuses of the role and its overall dimensions (e.g., territory, budget, staff, accounts, products, SKUs, P&L, or # of concurrent projects managed). We suggest developing a job scope and then including supporting bullet points that are accomplishment statements.

2. Accomplishment Statements

To develop accomplishment statements:

1. Start with a past-tense action verb

2. Briefly describe the action taken

3. State the results in measurable or quantifiable terms

Think money, time, and amounts. 

The more you focus on money, time and amounts in relation to your accomplishments, the better you’ll present your successes and highlight your potential — and the more you’ll realize just how much you really have to offer prospective employers.

When possible, lead with the result, creating a more powerful accomplishment statement. Resumes do not need to read as complete proper sentences. Eliminate personal pronouns (I, me, my, they, us, etc.), possessive pronouns (our, yours, etc.), and articles (the, a, an, etc.) when possible.

For each accomplishment, think “impact/result?” To help you answer this question, ask yourself: “What would have happened if I didn’t do this or didn’t do it well?” Usually within the answer is your impact.


Action: Designed and implemented a preventative maintenance program that…


Result: reduced equipment downtime by 20% and significantly increased order processing.

Not Leading with the Result: Designed and implemented a preventative maintenance program (what was done) that reduced equipment downtime by 20% and significantly increased order processing (measurable outcome).

Result: Saved $5,000 annually on office supplies by… +

Action: negotiating with outside supply company for the best prices.

Leading with the Result: Saved $5,000 annually on office supplies (measurable outcome) by negotiating with outside supply company for best prices (what was done).

More Sample Accomplishments:

• Decreased overtime 25% and increased efficiency of reporting by reorganizing cost area to more evenly distribute the workload.

• Directed task force that improved inventory accountability by initiating the use of bar code roll identification for plant tracking.

• Reduced temporary labor expense 30% by researching and analyzing wage labor costs and implementing creative strategies.

• Initiated cost reduction program that saved $2.7M within first 2 years of implementation.

• Increased productivity 16% by initiating budget and measurement accountability to 35 portfolio and new business managers countrywide.

• Developed and implemented modifications to data entry incentive pay system that increased throughput and decreased costs by 15%.

• Designed and installed new product line conveyor system within an 11-week deadline, on time and under budget by 10%.

• Created cohesive sales team that collaboratively increased total sales revenue from $1M to over $4.5M in one year.

• Reduced rejections 10% while maintaining productivity by adjusting schedules daily and cross-training staff on all operations.

3. Accomplishment Development Questions

• Did you identify or solve a major problem for your department or division? (Results?)

• Did you identify, create or implement a new procedure or system? (Results?)

• Did you train or develop anyone? (How many?)

• Did you develop or do something for the first time at your company? (Results?)

• Did you accomplish something with fewer resources or in a shorter time?

• Did you suggest or “roll out” any new products or programs?

• Did you reduce costs, increase revenue/profits or impact bottom-line? (By how much?)

• Did you develop new business or enlarge a market? (How?)

• Did you meet/exceed company objectives? (In what way?)

• Did you improve employee performance or productivity? (How?)

• Did you reduce errors? (By how much?)

4. Accomplishment Development: ACTIONS

Circle, bold or highlight words that describe actions you engaged in during your most recent position(s). Use those words to launch your own accomplishment statements (See example starter words below)

In the past, when I worked with…….

DATA, I have…….

In the past when I worked with PEOPLE, I have……

In the past when I worked with THINGS, I have……

Administered |Organized | Administered | Performed | Arranged | Installed Analyzed | Planned | Advised | Persuaded | Assembled | Introduced Arranged | Presented | Presented | Balanced | Invented | Assembled

Coached | Produced | Bargained | Made | Assessed | Promoted Communicated | Built | Modernized | Programmed | Conducted | Provided Centralized | Opened | Balanced |Proved |Consulted | Reconciled 

Conceived | Operated | Budgeted | Provided |Counseled | Recruited Conserved | Organized | Calculated | Publicized | Decided | Reduced Consolidated | Co-authored | Published | Delegated | Represented Constructed | Pioneered | Compiled | Demonstrated | Resolved |Converted Presented | Completed | Recorded | Determined | Restructured | Created Produced | Composed | Reconciled | Directed | Scheduled | Cut costs 

Purchased| Computed | Refined | Eliminated | Served | Reconstructed | Condensed | Reorganized | Enforced | Shared | Designed | Redesigned Converted | Reported | Established | Showed | Determined | Reduced Coordinated

5. Accomplishment Development: RESULTS

Circle words the types of results you achieved when you took action. Use these phrases to complete your accomplishments (quantify if possible). (See example starter words below)

Enhanced Profitability | Reduced Turnover | Increased Sales | Reduced Capital Investment | Reduced Costs | Improved Quality | Increased Earnings

Increased Return on Investment | Increased Productivity | Conceived New Products | Reduced Rejects | Developed New Products | Raised Efficiencies

Eliminated Unnecessary Procedures | Saved Time | Reduced Downtime Improved Morale | Improved Training | Reduced Energy Requirement Upgraded Plans | Increased Inventory Turns | Designed Equipment |Reduced A/R Days Out | Enhanced Operations | Improved Corporate Image 

Improved Methods | Increased Awareness | Automated Systems | Expanded Product Line | Improved Customer Relations | Improved Accuracy | Increase Customer Satisfaction | Minimized Liability | Reduced Errors | Shortened Lead Time | Ensured Safety 

Hope you found this helpful!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Carla Deter

Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writer / DC Metro Area / Los Angeles, CA