20 Ways You Can Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Today

Updating your LinkedIn profile can certainly be a daunting task. It’s suggested to tackle 5 a day (or 5 over a weekend). I know I prefer to work in ‘chunks’ as opposed to tackling a project in one fell swoop. Here you go. Some may seem to duplicate toward the bottom (referencing the summary/narrative) but the section is such a prime piece of digital real estate – the extra emphasis is well worth the mentioning.

  1. Your industry and location are current
  2. Up-to-date current position (with description)
  3. Two past positions (under “Experience”)
  4. Your education is added
  5. Skills are added (use all 50 available)
  6. Profile photo (a professional one please)
  7. Claim your personalized LinkedIn profile URL (linkedin.com/in/name)
  8. Text links to website, blogs, and third-party sites (and make sure the links point to the correct website)
  9. Your profile has been proofread and is error-free (grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization)
  10. Your Headline uses all 120 characters to maximum advantage (non-mobile character limit)
  11. Information on your LinkedIn profile is concise yet comprehensive and provides a good representation of your career and qualifications
  12. Keywords relevant to your job target are woven throughout your LinkedIn profile (helping increase your ability to be found online)
  13. Your profile answers this question: “Would I want to hire someone with this profile?”
  14. Your profile is attention-getting and persuasive
  15. Experience section is relevant to the job target sought and is not limited only to paid work.
  16.  Summary is well constructed and distinctive. The Summary concisely tells who you are and what you want to do with your professional career.
  17. Summary/Narrative is an appropriate length (maximizes the words allowed — up to 2,000 characters)
  18. Summary contains interesting information that will entice the reader to want to read more of your LinkedIn profile
  19. The Summary has an effective rhythm and flow to it
  20. Your Summary does not duplicate information found elsewhere in the profile — instead, it enhances it

Thanks so much for reading our list of proven strategies to optimize your LinkedIn profile. It works – trust us as we’ve been doing this for clients for 6+ years now. Want to learn more?

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