LinkedIn Strategy CHECKLIST

LinkedIn Strategy CHECKLIST

Note: Mix it up daily!

Today, I will like/comment to five (5) of my connections posts

Today, I will share a few posts that I particularly like and find of great value

Today, I will look at ‘who you may know’ (LinkedIn suggestions) and request connections

Today, I will enter a couple of my groups and add my insight to a question or article

Today, I will wish someone a happy birthday or congrats on a new position

Today, I will update my status with another’s great content found on LinkedIn or another platform

Today, I will respond to a couple of messages (that are not deemed spam) with a thank you or no thank you

Today, I will share a helpful article with your favorite group

Today, I will purposely seek to give honest, constructive feedback to an opinion I may not necessarily agree with

Today, I will use the endorsements feature to increase my visibility by endorsing others

Today, I will give a recommendation to another I have worked with or who have positively influenced me professionally

Today, I will write an article that does not promote myself — but offers insight as to who I am as a person personally and professionally. Be human!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Carla Deter, Owner LinkedIn Profile & Executive Resume Writing Services / LinkedInPro.CO (NOT .COM)