Are you ignoring connections already in your pipeline?

Here’s a Social Paradigm Shift for 2019

Many of us (US, meaning me too) continue to seek NEW connections, NEW followers, NEW likes, NEW adds to our circle etc. What are we thinking? Have we forgotten the people who are holding our social media platform intact already? Yes, I believe we have. I am guilty of such social rudeness and I bet you are too – to some extent.

We already have in our social pipeline quality, giving and potential business success right there in front of us every day; yet, we seek MORE.

Business for me going into 2019 has been a paradigm shift in small and large ways. Ridding myself of the ole’ thinking of ‘if I would have only known this or that 6 months ago’. Well, we don’t know the future, but we can certainly use the past to shift our future.

Our Current ‘Virtual Pipeline’ is Key

It’s high time we all realize that those already in our ‘virtual pipeline’ are our key to success.

Will you commit to paying more attention to the connections you/we ALREADY HAVE? Below is a plan to bring our CURRENT connections closer and stop seeking out more and more and more. (Don’t get me wrong the saying ‘Always be Connecting’ should not take the far back burner by no means). Yes, continue connecting!

The Plan! Each Week:

1)  Look at current connections on LinkedIn. Putting ‘potential clients’ goal aside – choose five (5) of your current connection that you will support for the week. Jot down their name or use a reminder function (Excel spreadsheet works too). Support those 5 for the week: read their posts, like, comment, share, connect with them to show you know they are there, and they matter! Near the end of the week craft a sincere message to each of the 5 you’ve been focusing on all week. Craft the message around their business and say something you learned from one of their posts that week.

2)  Closely look at five (5) Twitter follower’s profiles and determine business synergy. Those 5 will be your Tweeps to support for the week. Add them to a private list (refer to your list daily). Retweet them, reply to their tweet – give them a FAV/HEART. Show your support. At the end of the week, send a DM to connect on LinkedIn. Let the business relationship flourish.

3)  Choose five (5) Facebook friends that you want to learn more about. Read their profile and posts. Get to know them on a ‘personal level.’ Focus on those 5 for the week and engage in a sincere way. Comment on their posts, share their posts, share who you are – build a one on one relationship. At the end of the week, message each of the 5 and let them know you enjoyed their posts this week and comment on something you learned about them.

Okay, I know this may seem like a lot of work. But, we do this anyway, right? Except we do it without really focusing on a small number of people. Why not focus on just a few each week and show our gratefulness for the value their connection brings to us both personally and professionally.

Are you willing to commit to the plan? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts/comments below.

~ Carla

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