Unlock the 18 questions we ask clients to reveal their professional worth – Our 2018 Gift To You

It’s almost 2019 and I’m giving this away to you for free. I feel like I’m giving away a ‘secret’ but truly it is a ‘gift.’

Yes, it’s the questions I ask all of my clients that truly reveals how they have added value to a company and themselves [professionally]. See, I understand resume writing is a daunting task for manyI happen to love it – it’s why I do what I do. Most times clients underestimate their worth. The best reason for hiring another to sing your praises is we want to make you shine!

We do this by asking thought-provoking questions – like the ones below:

1.   Did you identify or solve a major problem for your department or division? (Results?)

2.   Did you save the company money? (How much?)

3.   Did you identify, create or implement a new procedure or system? (Results?)

4.   Did you train or develop anyone? (How many?)

5.   Did you develop or do something for the first time at your company? (Results?)

6.   Did you accomplish something with fewer resources or in a shorter time?

7.   Did you receive any special recognition or awards? (Why?)

8.   Did you participate in any recent company-sponsored training and apply what you learned?

9.   Did you lead or contribute to any special projects? (Results?)

10. Did you suggest or “roll out” any new products or programs?

11. Did you reduce costs, increase revenue/profits or impact bottom-line? (By how much?)

12. Did you increase market share or revenue? (How?)

13. Did you develop new business or enlarge a market? (How?)

14. Did you establish a reputation for handling difficult problems, situations or people?

15. Did you meet/exceed company objectives? (In what way?)

16. Did you successfully handle unusual/difficult situations or circumstances?

17. Did you improve employee performance or productivity? (How?)

18. Did you reduce errors? (By how much?)

Well, there you have it. The secret is out! Hope you find it helpful. When you find that the ‘New Year’ is a time for professional change of your resume – or, an update of your LinkedIn profile presence we’re just a message away [shameless promotion].

Would you add to these questions? Let me know in the comments below.

We are proud to have received such an out pour of profile views over the last month. Each and every day we study, absorb and learn from the best in the industry – RESULTS have been outstanding!

Carla Deter is the founder of LinkedIn Profile Service Professional and Socially Your Virtual Assistant/Consultant, located in the Washington, DC area. Her ‘solutions, not services’ include supporting a full range of professional levels from C-Suite, small business, entrepreneurs, associations, attorneys, realtors, and busy executives with LinkedIn Profile Optimization and Audit Review, Executive Resume Reformation and all areas of Business Content Writing. She is a contributing writer for The Huffington Post as well as various other online media publications. She can be found on LinkedIn and Twitter: @FXVAcarlad Read more…