DIY LinkedIn Profile Optimization (Part 1 of 3)

When was the last time you reviewed your LinkedIn information?

Reviewing your LinkedIn presence ensures you’re adding new accomplishments as they happen and you’re ridding outdated information.

I’m not going to give you a lot of fluff pre-content here so I’ll get right to it……below you will discover some nitty-gritty tips and points for updating your new LinkedIn profile.  

It’s exactly the list I use with my clients but please know the list below is NOT all inclusive of what it takes to create a winning LinkedIn profile. DIY LinkedIn Profile Optimization (Part of 3 and Part 3 of 3) over the next two weeks.  Want them sooner please feel free to ask: info@LinkedInPro.CO

Do you really have time to complete all that is involved?

It’s a checklist. A ‘do and done’ kind of list. Let’s get started:

★ Have a very clear understanding of what you are looking to accomplish BEFORE starting work on your NEW profile. This is especially important when you do not have a current resume to work from.

★ Use each available section on the LinkedIn platform when it applies to your background and experience.

★ Add images (PDF’s, video etc.) according to LinkedIn guidelines.

★ Do NOT use second or third person (You, He, She, It. They). Start each bullet point with a POWER WORD (not, I).

★ Use $M and $K to represent millions and thousands of dollars. Do NOT use a Roman numeral.

★ Use only ONE space after a period. NOT two.

★ Place periods after job sentence at the start of summary and job descriptions. Not on bulleted lists.

★ Search and search again for keywords that are most common within your industry (i.e. technology, finance, digital media, law, e-commerce, communications etc.)

★ Do add measurable results when available ($$$, %%%, increased this, decreased this). Key!

★ Add symbols to make it stand out and segment the sections. The symbols we use are ★★★ Email: ✉ Phone: ☎ ♦ ✔

Stay tuned for DIY LinkedIn Profile Optimization (Part 2 of 3) titled Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….

Do you really have time to complete all that is involved?



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