Adding video to your LinkedIn company page is paramount!

LinkedIn has made video sharing available to all of their company pages. A few ways to take advantage of it.

LinkedIn is calling it organic native video and according to Tech Republic LinkedIn company page video receives 5x more opportunity to start conversations than other forms of sharing across social media.

Here are a few ways to take advantage of it:

LinkedIn Company Page Video.JPGShowcase video around company culture, product demos, news, testimonials, interviews,  employee celebrations, client celebrations, holiday wishes and more.

Some examples to utilize video to add to your LinkedIn company page (don’t forget to share with staff and ask them to share as well).

  • Company Culture – Add a short welcome video that shows staff at work and within their environment.  Do you have a team building day outside the office coming up? Shoot some video. Share the culture of the company.
  • Product Demos – By keeping it short and sweet it’s a good way to get the consumer to want to learn more.
  • News – Has the company just gone through a re-branding or has it moved to a different location? People pay attention to video – what a great way to let your current and upcoming clients know where to find you.
  • Client Testimonials – Consider asking happy clients to record a quick video of how the company added value to their needs. Always a great way to showcase the product and services offered.
  • Tip of the Day – How about a daily ‘tip of the day?’  Think what questions your customers may be asking before they buy your product or service.  Answer that question through a tip of the day that they will want to come back to every day.

Video Specs & Guidelines

Length: 3 seconds to 30 minutes

File Size: 75 KB and 200 MB

File Format: MP4

Layout: Horizontal (Vertical format is not supported)

Audio Format/Size:  AAC or MPEG4 / Less than 64KHz

Often times sales prospectives and other company’s do not want to leave the LinkedIn platform – they want to learn about the company while staying within the browser they have open (LinkedIn). This is why a LinkedIn Company Page is so important.

Lead Generation + Increased Visibility + Greater Exposure on Google

LinkedIn Company Page Examples

Hays Global Recruiting   Healthcare Association  Marriott International
Hewlett Packard  Hubspot Marketing  Simon Property Group
Remax Real Estate  McKesson Hospital/Health  Harlan Recruiting Group
Gaiatrend USA  Law Firm  Dell Company Page


What are you doing with all of those videos?

You produce many videos. Short interviews with top industry professionals, welcome messages to new customers when they first visit your company website, a tip of the day or week, a motivational thought, quick snippets of online sales tips, marketing an upcoming workshop, webinar or book.

Now, what do you do with them? Post to your social media platforms. Yes, but there is so much more you can do.

I’ve created a short list of other ways to promote your video. Oh yes, social media is a great way to ‘get the word’ out but did you know there are many other platforms that store your video and can provide a further reach than just social media alone?!?

Here you go: Of course, there is YOUTUBE: Easy to upload and share but don’t forget to complete the description section (SEO..this is important).

But, there is more! MORE PLATFORMS to promote your videos.

Other sites to market and share video:

MailVUEmail your video greetings (or Vmail) to a prospective client or a thank-you to a current client or your subscriber list. People like video via email more so than text.

VimeoA professional site to market your videos and your brand as well as network with the tens of thousands of groups and channels.

ViddlerShare your video and further maximize your marketing. You can even brand your video with your logo and color scheme and link it right back to your website. Yes!

And there is more…… Why not create your own “Internet TV Show” and truly maximize those videos you’ve gathered?

UstreamLive streaming from all genres (people, places, pets, plants and yes, entrepreneurs can stream a live training session, a weekly exercise class, a live coaching session and so much more!)

TubeMogulThis site allows your video to be ‘actionable.’ If you’re in the video and the viewer places the cursor on your face they see an info. box that describes who you are. The site also distributes or syndicates your video to a number of sites. Now, the reach is infinite. TubeMogul distributes it for you and they provide some great reporting/analytics. See where your video actually went across the www.

DailymotionAnd another site that distributes your video for you. As of today, the site says they attract 300M users from around the world. WOW. Now, that is some potential viewership.

MetacafeSpecializing in short-form videos that average 90 seconds long. Not all videos on this site are completely professional but many are so don’t turn away too quick. According to the site: 1) “More exclusive, original and curated premium video content than any other entertainment site. 2) Meaningful scale, as a top-3 video site in the U.S., with 12 million unique monthly viewers (40 million worldwide!)

There are so many websites to host and deliver your video at no charge. Although some have upgrades for a small fee it’s the potential of the reach and return on your investment you don’t want to miss.

So, there you have it. You have 10, 30, 50 and even hundreds of videos already uploaded to YouTube and you’re sharing like crazy across social media. Now, share further and here’s the payoff:

  • You’re seen as the thought leader for your product or service.
  • You’re distributing your awesome content (thoughts, motivational speaks, product/service overview etc.)
  • You’re reaching many more people (potential clients) away from social media and across other platforms where a whole new world of people will see it, hear it and remember you.

Hope this ready-made list was helpful. Welcome your comments. Please tell me what I’ve missed. Sharing is caring!

Remember, Content is Queen – Video is King!