Change the NEW LinkedIn UI back to the OLD UI

[Real quick…] and my audio is out – hopefully, the screencast will help.

As I’m sure you know many people are either having a love or hate relationship with the new LinkedIn User Interface.

You CAN go back to the old interface (if you want) but it may be temporary. It’s about changing the browser and the belief that an unsupported browser exists. So, here’s your chance to prolong the inevitable.

Watch the video below for a full view of the steps!


1) Log into your LinkedIn account from an Internet Explorer (IE) browser

2) Go to the ‘wheel’ located at the upper-right corner (the settings)

3) Click to release the drop-down

4) Move down to F12 Developer Tools

5) Another box will open (it may open different for different IE browsers)

6) Look for either a small tab or drop-down that shows the term Emulation (click and make sure it is checked)

7) Find User Agent Strings – Click for drop-down

8) Scroll down/up to Internet Explorer (IE) 8 – Click

9) You’re not done yet!  Go to your browser bar (where your URL is located) and remove the word/content Feed from the URL.

You should see your LinkedIn account interface revert back to the old interface.

Let me know in the comments how it works for you. Good luck and you’re welcome 🙂 Carla