12 Guiding Principles to Increasing Company Exposure Through Your LinkedIn Professional Profile [Printable Checklist]

There’s an enormous amount of opportunity to gain exposure to your company, your next event, your product or service through your individual LinkedIn profile. People relate to the human behind the company first and then move to the company 2nd. 


You are the CEO, Partner, VP of a company and the company has a company profile page on LinkedIn

You are on the Board of an Association and the Association has a company profile page on LinkedIn

You are the Sales Manager for a company and the company has a company profile page on LinkedIn

You are the Founder of a Non-Profit and the Non-Profit has a company profile page on LinkedIn

You have a Webinar, Sales Training, Conference or the like and the company connected to the event has a profile company page

…you get the idea, right?

You are the face of all the above – your LinkedIn profile matters!
Your engagement directly from your LinkedIn profile matters. You are directly connected to the success of what you are a part of – the company for which you work or have an affiliation in one form or the other.

Here’s why: You have undoubtedly connected with other professionals related or close to your industry. These connections may not be following the company page that is connected to you. Your connections may not yet know your industry. Sure, you’re connected but do each of your connections ‘really know’ the company etc. you are affiliated with?

By being active through your profile – connections will seek to know more about you. Hence, learning more about the company which you are affiliated with.

Here is a list of ways to be active, stay engaged and get your company, your next event, your product or service noticed:

Don’t overwhelm yourself by attempting to practice each of these LinkedIn strategy tasks daily – Choose 5 now and see how your overall engagement increases.

Note: Mix it up daily!

  1. Today, I will like/comment to five (5) of my connections posts
  2. Today, I will share a few posts that I particular like and find of great value
  3. Today, I will look at ‘who you may know’ (LinkedIn suggestions) and request connections
  4. Today, I will enter a couple of my groups and add my insight to a question or article
  5. Today, I will wish someone a happy birthday or a congrats on a new position
  6. Today, I will update my status with another’s great content found on LinkedIn or another platform
  7. Today, I will respond to a couple messages (that are not deemed spam) with a thank you or no thank you
  8. Today, I will share a helpful article with your favorite group in LinkedIn
  9. Today, I will purposely seek to give honest, constructive feedback to an opinion I may not necessarily agree with
  10. Today, I will use the endorsements feature to increase my visibility by endorsing others
  11. Today, I will give a recommendation to another I have worked with or who has positively influenced me professionally
  12. Today, I will write an article that does not promote myself – but offers insight as to who I am as a person personally and professionally. Be human!

Are you a checklist nut as I am?

I’ve created the list above in a PDF checklist form just for you. Download it here [SlideShare]. Don’t worry – it’s free and no email required!

If you found this helpful let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.