Did you know online press releases can be distributed to all major news sites like Yahoo!! News, search engines like Google and Bing,  online press release distributions sites and 30,000 journalists and bloggers.

Press Releases are the most popular means of providing publicity online and offline. They have many advantages that both small and big business owners can profit from.


More traffic to your site – The press release that gets published on one of the media outlets will have your website link provided within it.

Build a brand – What better way to get your business name into the minds of your target audience or anyone who happens to read your press releases. The more a consumer sees your business name being mentioned the more likely they will remember it the next time they, or someone they know, is in need of your products.

Inexpensive way to get free publicity – Getting an effective press release written will cost you some money. Some will include the costs of submitting it for you. Carefully crafted press releases are key! The real publicity is free.

Gain Credibility – The press release can also help to get your business more credibility. Potential consumers will start to see you as an expert in your field and think that you should be the one to go to when they need the products you offer.

Optimizing Your Online Press Release So It Stands Out From The Crowd


Business Marketing

However, as press releases become more widely used by marketers, it will become increasingly difficult for your press release to stand out in the crowd. It is estimated that more than 2,000 press releases are distributed each day across the main online wire services like PRWeb. With that being said, we are going to show you how to optimize your press release so that it quickly gets noticed and so that it provides your website(s) with the most value for search engine exposure and branding.

                               Do’s and Do Not’s Of Online Press Releases



Here are some things that could be turned into news stories for your news release:

Special Discounts/Sales –

Fundraising events your business is helping with

Offering Free Items

Any Awards your business has won

Any contests that you’re planning Starting your business

Preparing to sell more products –

New company hire–

Or simply to get your brand, company or service out to the masses with any news specific to your company

Submitting to 50 Top Press Release Sites can be a daunting and exhausting thought.  Truly, I would not suggest submitting to 50.  Setting up the online press release accounts is a tedious process. It does take time to set up the account with the required information and additional information specific to your business.  Now, the submission of the release can be a bit daunting as well.  Unfortunately, it’s not a copy/paste process.   Why not hire a Virtual Assistant to do it for you.  Within a few days, your business press release could be circulated among millions by weeks end.


Email: socialinfairfaxva@yahoo.com

Email: socialinfairfaxva@yahoo.com

Contact Socially Your Virtual Assistant, Carla to get started!

EXTRA EXTRA, Read All About It: Online Press Releases Are On The Rise in 2016

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