LinkedIn – ♫ It’s a small world after all ♫

LinkedIn – It truly is a small world!

I absolutely love LinkedIn; yet, it can be a little ‘creepy’ sometimes.  Recently, I was pursuing my LI connections and realized the large number of ‘shared connections’ I have with others.  These large shared connections span from the DC Metro area to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Philadelphia.

This made me quite curious and caused me to beg the question: How does this happen?  So many shared connections with individuals from various locations on the planet.

Plain and simple

I understand. I connect with those I have similar business interests, those who could be potential clients,  as well as those in my same industry I connect with who offer me great learning.  I found it is imperative to connect with those in the same or similar industries.  Especially as a start-up – learning from those who have been in the same business for five, ten, fifteen, twenty – plus years offers a mountain of information for our learning curve.

Phone Conversations

I recently had phone conversations with a few LinkedIn connections from the DC Metro area for business collaboration.  While talking on the phone the topic of shared connections on LI came up.  This is what we discovered:

  • We had been connected for over a year and have finally reached out via a phone call
  • Our similar connections live in the same area
  • Our shared connections are in our same industry
  • Our shared connections are a result of us belonging to the same LinkedIn groups
  • Our connection had actually started on Twitter with some of the same professionals
  • We are also connected on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and have commented on the same topics
  • Through Tweetchats, Google Hangouts, Online Webinars etc..we have acquired the interest of the same professionals
  • Each time we connected on other platforms we immediately flipped over to LI and continued the connection building

As we think about LinkedIn and the similarities of how we establish connections – the world becomes a very small place.

Following recent client work

Recently, I did some work for a company in xxxxxxx, PA.  After finishing up the project work, I viewed my clients LI profile.  I noticed he and I shared 270 connections.  I thought that was odd at first.  After further inquiring, I discovered he was impressed with my work and believed the connections I had acquired were solid and worthy!  He then began connecting with my connections to build a better presence in the DC Metro area. 

Over a 1,000 of my current LinkedIn connections are from the DC Metro area, respectfully.

Creepy?  You tell me “Yes or No”?  What’s your take and how does it (meaning the LinkedIn insiders) know what it knows? 


Although I was surprised to see a past client and I have so many shared connections (270) it dawned on  me after some further research that over half of our shared connections came from our membership in the same LinkedIn groups.  A quick scan of the groups also revealed that many of my DMV connections are also a member of the same groups as I, respectfully.

An eye-opener?  Not really!  It seems no matter where we go in life (online or offline) the world is a small place when our interests are similar.

Here are a few examples of shared connections I have on LinkedIn:

D.C. Metro Area      Industry         Medical Practice       187 shared connections

Philadelphia Area     Industry      Information Technology and Services     270 shared connections

Detroit Area      Industry     Financial Services       247 shared connections

London    Industry      Pharmaceuticals        274 shared connections

Washington D.C. Metro Area    Industry    Marketing and Advertising    148 shared connections

Do you have a large number of shared connections that you don’t know personally?  Do you believe we should only have connections on LinkedIn that we actually know ‘personally’ or is that just not possible?



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