Reaching Mark Zuckerberg may be a far reach..but, giving up is not an option!

Today, I was on a mission. A mission I felt was worthy because once my relentlessness sets in I will reach to all levels to get my message through. See, I am in the process of writing an interview about Michelle Sollicito, the snow angel of Atlanta.  She’s the lady who created the Facebook page ‘Snowedoutaltanta‘ (note: a subgroup, there are several for each city direction) that reached 40,000 in hours and Facebook Corporate called her because the page was off the charts and they didn’t know what was happening. If you would like to read her full story please visit the Huggable People website. Note: Article will not be up until March 3, 2014

As the Editor, Interviewer, Social Manager of Huggable People I’m always looking for a way to kick it up a notch.  Michelle was absolutely successful with the use of social media to bring other’s together and to help many for social good.

Today, I reached out to Allie Townsend, Managing Editor of Facebook

Reaching Out To Allie Townsend, Managing Editor, Facebook  Carla Deter, Socially Your Virtual Assistant- Click for clarity

Reaching Out To Allie Townsend, Managing Editor, Facebook – Click for clarity

Moving on

As a Virtual Assistant, I’m the same relentless kind of person.  Many times I’m working with clients and they ask for something additional to be done.  I may not know exactly how that task/project can be done – but, no is not the answer.  It’s important to not be a NO person.  With so much information available to us (VA’s that is) No is not an answer.  We have YouTube tutorials, we have VA forums where we pose questions, as for me I have my good ol’ books that explain clearly how to perform and complete a task.

Endless hours

Did you know Virtual Assistant’s spend endless hours researching, practicing and learning numerous tasks to be ready for the next request?  We do!  Just in the past week I’ve learned about Smart Vault (secure way to share information to and from), a webinar on strategically using LinkedIn and more.  Importantly, we live and thrive to have a request that requires learning time!  That’s who we are – we’re agile!

Sometimes you must be creative

HP Reach Out 2

Beast is the Zuckerberg’s dog – why not 🙂 Click for Clarity

Moving forward

When consulting with a Virtual Assistant and sharing your needs – Listen closely, listen very closely.  You can tell by the responses if they can or are willing to be relentless to get the job done!  Recently, I was tasked with a database I knew nothing about (thinking data bases are a lot alike if you have the criteria in place) I took on the responsibility to pull key information into a spreadsheet, just as the client ordered.  I had not worked with this specific database but with specific criteria search information was extracted.  Client happy!


Not all situations warrant a Virtual Assistant to reach out to the Founder of Facebook but they just may take that initiative because we want your business to be their best!  Not all VA’s will accept all tasks/projects; yet, some will and let you know they will learn and still get the job done. Not all VA’s will put forth the effort and due diligence to go above and beyond to make you, the small business owner, shine! – but when you find one.  Hold on tight because other clients will eventually occupy their time.

Would you hire a Virtual Assistant you trusted to perform tasks that are not their niche?

Facebook is busy- I understand, but, I’m on mission…don’t they know who I am? HA!

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