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Webinars allow for interaction when live ~ Recorded allows for planning ahead

I recently started working with a client that utilizes webinars to be a source of information and to gain a presence as a ‘thought leader’ in his industry.  Following watching numerous how-to videos, setting up a practice webinar and becoming familiar with the controls I want to take the opportunity to share with you what I have learned.

Although there are many webinar sites to work from I am focusing on GoToWebinar.com.  Many of you may already utilize GoToMeeting and adding the webinar option is simple.  The package deal (meeting and webinar) rate is $99/month (100 attendees or less) and the rates increase as the number of expected attendees increase.

Getting Started

Grab a note pad and plan before attempting to complete the sections on the webinar site.

1)      What is the topic? (Your industry, latest trend)

2)      What date will you broadcast? (Will it be a one-time or a series)

3)      Who will you invite? (Specific contacts or will you open registration to anyone)

4)      Will you use polls or survey? (Show a poll during the webinar for interaction/survey registrants)

5)      How will you present?  (Using PowerPoint with voiceover, Invite panelists to speak, direct speaking by you)

6)      What is your goal? (gain contacts, engaging to promote your business, sell a product/service)

7)      Will you have questions for participants to consider prior to the webinar? (Encourages participation)

8)      How will you promote the webinar? (Social media, press release, email invites, calendar invite, blogging,  website)

9)      If you are the presenter, who will be the  administrator during the webinar? (Someone to be available for technical issues, approve registrants, set reminders etc.)

You’ve done your pre-planning and want to set up the webinar. 

Getting started with the basics can be a breeze only after the pre-planning is done prior to.

The three main sections to getting started:

  • Webinar Details: Name, description, specify organizer, attendees, panelists, how the webinar would be transmitted and more
  • Branding and Theme:  Upload logo image, choose a theme and more
  • Registration:  input personalized auto-responder messages and reminder emails and more

Don’t forget to promote

The all important step in planning, creating and registering a webinar is to let others know you are hosting the webinar.  The outcome of the number of attendees registering for your webinar depends on your promotions.  Promotions is King or Queen!

Integrate and Saturate

   This is just a quick overview of GoToWebinar.  Don’t miss the many video tutorials available on YouTube that show the exact steps to creating and running your own webinar.

How have you used webinars to promote your business?

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