FAQ’s – Who, What, Why, How, When is a Virtual Assistant helpful for your business?

Who uses Virtual Assistants?

Could I use a Virtual Assistant? Sure.

Everyone can use a virtual assistant in one way or another.  Small and medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, speakers, coaches, traveling business people, doctor’s, lawyers, real estate agents, independent distributors and busy individuals use virtual assistants. Start-up Businesses, Overwhelmed Business Owners, Businesses that are advised to by their Business Coach, Small-Corporate.

Working Parents who have an event coming up in their life, working parents who want to have help w/o hiring a Nanny, Busy & Overwhelmed Individuals,  Individuals that just need a little help to free up time to do other tasks within their day.

Why should I use a virtual assistant?

By contracting a VA, you’ll have more time to develop you business, spend time with family or to just have some free time to relax.  The time you loose on administrative tasks is valuable and a virtual assistant understands that time can be used to work on building your business.

How will my Virtual Assistant communicate with me?

Communication with virtual assistant.

Communication is important and maintaining an effective relationship is paramount to getting a job done the way you want it to be done.  We communicate via telephone, email, skype or other ways ways such as instant messaging programs, text messaging, and conference calls.

Is a Virtual Assistant affordable?

How does hiring a Virtual Assistant alleviate additional expenses?

Yes! The cost savings is two-fold: financial and emotional. When you hire an employee, on top of a salary or hourly wage, you have a ton of things you need to administer (payroll, benefits), many things to buy or lease (equipment, furniture), you have to deal with a variety of insurances (workers’ comp, unemployment), pay your share of taxes, conform to Federal mandates (OSHA, ERISSA), and you have to share space well (no more working in your pajamas!). It’s expensive and can be grueling.

Virtual Assistance was never intended to be the low-cost alternative to getting administrative support. It was intended to be, and absolutely is the most convenient alternative to having on-site employees provide that support. As a result, VAs set fees based on the value they create for clients; the higher the value, the better the VA’s compensation.

How does a Virtual Assistant save you dollars?

What are the financial benefits? No need to share office space, or find additional office space for an employee, no need to buy additional office equipment and create expensive overhead, no need to deal with the administration details associated with payroll, payroll taxes, insurance, benefits….

Will my Virtual Assistant be invested in me and my company?

Why wouldn’t I work with one of the secretarial services I’ve seen around town or even Craigslist? If what you want and need is the most basic secretarial support, then you might just want to work with a local secretarial service or a freelancer you find online. If, on the other hand, you want the benefit of working with someone who really wants to know you, your business, your customers, and who wants to be deeply involved in your success, you’ll want to work with a VA.

Do you have a question of your own you would like answered?

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Carla Deter

Carla is an experienced Administrative Assistant with a background in Communications. As a Virtual Assistant she is determined to build her own Social Virtual Assistant business. Here are a few more things ‘about me.’

Hello, I am Carla and I have a firm belief that it is not knowing everything there is to know it is “knowing where to find the answers.” I thouroughly enjoy research, taking on challenges that require me to work tirelessly to find those answers. No hand holding needed- I have great initiative.

Media relationship building to bring customers to your business, product or service takes a great deal of time and detailed strategic work. Do you really have that kind of time? I understand you need to be meeting with clients, managing your staff and/or managing your own work. Tending to the administrative tasks that is involved with managing your online social networks can be daunting – but an important one for your business exposure. ***We can start big or small, by the month or by the project. There are millions of people out there to be found that will purchase your product or service. Let’s reach them together through SOCIAL.

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