Calling all Social Media Enthusiasts: Worldwide Social Media Day 2013 is * June 30th *

What is your business plan for the upcoming Official Social Media Day 2013?


June 30, 2013

Social Media Day is right around the corner.  This is a serious; yet, a fun-filled day of people sharing their professional likes, dislikes, accomplishments and strategies used to reach own personal and professional visions.

The vision and real-time use of one of the biggest marketing platforms now and into the future invites you to organize and spend this day as creatively as you want. Mashable offers some great information how to make this a day to remember socially and professionally (with fun too, of course!)


New York City Social Media Day 2012  flash mob celebration

Have you begun to look at this day as an asset for your business?

If so, great for you.  If not, allow me to help you get started.  How does a handy checklist sound? Some handy reference links to get you on your way to your goals are included as well.

Think about it, we all love birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and the like and we celebrate them. You (we) love social media and this day is officially the day to celebrate something that has become a huge part of all our lives.  Why not celebrate it too?!?

Get started here:

Questions to ask yourself, your staff, your company event staff etc.:

  • How will you embrace Social Media Day?
  • Is it a day to meet up with people you only know virtually?
  • Is it a day to salute the grand accomplishments made through half the year thus far?
  • Do you have a strategic plan to utilize this day to help other’s or only yourself?
  • Will you schedule a meet-up with connections across the world?
  • Will you offer special promotions for your business ONLY on this day?

Be the thought leader in your network to get it started. 

  1.   Hold a Mashable Meetup
  2.   How to make Social Media Day official in your city – proclaim your city 
  3.   How to organize a Social Media Day meet up: Planning a Social Media Day Meet-UP
  4.  Why not mimic what others have done 
  5.  Connect with #SMday on social platforms and get involved Facebook  Twitter:  

According to Todd J. Olmstead, Mashable

“Social Media Day is a day to celebrate the ways in which social media has changed our lives for the better. It’s also  a

celebration of people — you, the people who make social media so fun, useful, informative, and enlightening.

Last year, hundreds of meetups involving thousands of people took place across the globe. Diverse locations such as Morocco, the Philippines and Sri Lanka hosted some of the most well-attended events, while eight cities and two states here in the U.S. officially declared June 30 as Social Media Day.”

**Don’t forget to be the first in your professional network to initiate a Social Media Day 2013 proclamation in your city**

Comments welcome: What are your plans for SMday 2013 personally and professionally?  Let’s share ideas together! ________________________________________________________________________________________

As a Social Virtual Assistant, these types of events are golden.  Virtual Assistant’s are golden in helping with the planning, inviting, organizing, promoting and overall assisting in helping with the to-do list of planning an event.  All this without having to provide benefits, office space, supplies or any of the other things that comes with full or part-time employees.

Providing Online Solutions to Restaurants, Realtors, All Small Business, Independents and more.  Contact me at:

Providing Online Solutions to Restaurants, Realtors, All Small Business, Independents and more. Contact me at:

CARLA DETER, Virtual Assistant/Owner

Owner/Virtual Assistant at Socially Your Virtual Assistant, Online Promotions, Social Media, Global

Carla is an experienced Administrative Assistant with a background in Communications. As a Virtual Assistant she is determined to build her own Social Virtual Assistant business- one client at a time.

I have a firm belief that it is not knowing everything there is to know it is “knowing where to find the answers.” I thoroughly enjoy research, taking on challenges that require me to work tirelessly to find those answers. No hand holding needed- I have great initiative.

Social Media relationship building to bring customers to your business, product or service takes a great deal of time and detailed strategic work. Do you really have that kind of time? I understand you need to be meeting with clients, managing your staff and/or managing your own work. Tending to the administrative tasks that is involved with managing your online social networks can be daunting – but an important one for your business exposure.

A few portfolio articles can be found here. I hope you will check it out.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant SAVES you money, SAVES you time, SAVES you payroll and insurance costs, SAVES you buying equipment and space. It’s a win-win…$$ saved.

Contact me and we can discuss different ways I can help you build your social media presence. We can start big or small, by the month or by the project. There are millions of people out there to be found that will purchase your product or service. Let’s reach them together through SOCIAL.

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