Video Story Telling: Can you commit to one video per week? Yes!

The Power of Video is nothing new; yet, so many of us are failing to use it to market business.

Why Video:

Video goes viral, video educates, entertains and tell stories that people remember and trust.

I know everywhere you hear the same thing over and over again.  Go video, go increase in sales, go video marketing!  The statistics tell the truth about the future of video and your business! I’m not going to rant about why video should be a part of your integrated marketing strategies.  I know you already know.  I must admit it is high time I kick up my own video presence.  So, I write this for you my audience; yet, also as a reminder (and not a gentle one) to do video NOW before yours (and my) competitors take the show.

WE must do more video now and do it often (note to self)!

Learn more about Video Marketing

Video Story Telling by:  James Wedmore  

Video Story Telling Summed Up

  1. Tell about a personal journey
  2. Tell about how you overcame obstacles
  3. Tell you story and parallel it with a fable
  4. Tell an inspirational story
  5. Tell a ‘story of warning’

Check these blogs out for additional learning about video marketing

Top 25 Blogs To Learn All About Video Marketing.  A great list of video marketing pro’s by blog curator Up City. Local Video Marketing by Anthony Idle / Digitpro  / Imagination Media  / Reel SEO

Not sure exactly “how to be” on video?

Ever since I started my business I’ve watched Ruth Sherman!  Her video’s take you through everything from how to sit or stand, how to speak, how to dress, how to engage and so much more.

Learn from Ruth

“My current interest is focused on the powerful intersection of Social Media and Video.”, Ruth Sherman via Huffington Post, June 21, 2013

Can you commit?

Okay, we have the resource links to get started.  Start reading, start watching, learn from them and get started today. Can you commit to one video per week?  I will if you will! Let’s commit to each other!  Join the video revolution! Join my One video per week- your business and mine depends on it group on Facebook where members commit to producing one video of themselves and/or their product, business, service etc.  Join me today on Facebook as we commit together to reach our vision in video marketing for life.

  Carla Deter

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Don’t forget to join my One video per week- your business and mine depends on it group on Facebook.  We can do video together. One video at a time. ~ Carla

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