What does the Cure for Cancer and Social Media have in common?


Attn: It is best to read this entire post to have a complete understanding of why I chose this post topic. I thank you in advance. ~Carla

Dear Readers,

I’m writing this post today because I’ve been touched in the deepest way by what I’ve read and watched this morning. I believe you will be too. So, I ask to please share this post across as many platforms that your time allows.

My story begins: I recently started using Scoop.it! as a secondary social media platform to drive traffic to this blog as well as my own blog. The first day I was excited to find a Scoopiteer named Martin (Marty) Smith had rescooped my post. So, of course I said thanks right away. Then I seen he had also tweeted it and that is where the conversation began. I said thank you again and as I try to do with everyone who retweets a tweet I offer “What can I do for you today?” Although I received a your welcome from this new friend across social media he did not take me up on my offer to help him. Of course, out of courtesy I retweeted a post or two of his and the conversation at that point was done. Not done because something about our social interaction made me keep him on my virtual radar. I was glad to have this new found connection but what happened next is my greatest point here.

Well, over the past several days Marty’s face had come up across Scoop.It! repeatedly. This led me to see who and what this person was about. What I found was not so much shocking it was the answer to my earlier question to him on Twitter – “What can I do for you today?” And that is the reason for this post. This is for your cause Marty!

See, Marty’s use of social media is a multi-faceted endeavor that proves how social media can be used for causes of well-being as well as business. His vision is the epitome of purposely using a platform to help others now and in the future.

Marty is a professional !    Marty has been “cured” from cancer!    Marty wants to help others!

I only have two requests: Will you help too?

Watch Video and Share

Please take the time to watch and listen to Marty’s story.

Martin (Marty) Smith’s Story Just 2 minutes….please watch


Martin (Marty) Smith’s Story Just 2 minutes….please watch

Please read further for the answer to the title question

Although the information about Marty’s vision is vast and easily found across social media one thing that stands out in my mind to note here is: He is selling his home in North Carolina and personal possessions to fund his vision. My Dad always said “worldly possessions mean nothing without health and love.” Now, that’s the word. Again, please learn more about Marty’s cause. It will help you, others and ultimately Marty’s vision of Curing Cancer with Curation.

Scoopiteer Marty Smith has one goal: curing cancer. He also has a primary method of reaching this goal: curation.

Here are some links to get you started with understanding Marty’s vision:

Martin’s Ride Across America


Note: Marty at the top of Scoop.It! home page


Marty selling his home and belongings


Cure Cancer Starter Organization Site


Answer to the title question: As you learn more about Marty’s cause and vision social media is playing an integral part in cause based visions. Thank you social media!

My Final Thought:

“Learn about other’s struggles ~ ours are not as big as we think they are”

thank youDriver's Seat of My LifeDriver’s Seat of My Life~Carla

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